I landed at the airport in Chicago on November 15, 1975. A young man with big dreams. I was seventeen years old and came from Iran to start a life in my new country. The United States of America. The land of opportunities. My journey began in Mississippi where I attended Ole Miss for college. After graduating, I moved to Atlanta to begin my professional career.

My first exposure to home furnishing was when I started selling new, oriental rugs. After I married my wife, Mandana, we gradually began collecting antique nomadic rugs. This led to us starting our own business - selling rugs and working with designers to place rugs in different projects. After seventeen years of being in the business, we began to think bigger picture and consider the artwork in the design projects. After years of exposure to beautiful homes, fabrics, and stunning decorative antique rugs, we began creating decorative original artwork.

It has been an amazing journey… Welcome to our world of rugs and art!

We're located at 6095 Atlantic Blvd, Norcross, GA 30071 and
our showroom can also be viewed at Americas Mart, Building 1, 15C 7-9.